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Strategic Planning for 2024 : Public Holidays and Gift Preparation Calendar

Strategic Planning for 2024 : Public Holidays and Gift Preparation Calendar

posted: 2024-01-03 14:00:00 +0800

In year 2024, get ready to greet still further progress. We curated the list of public holidays for the whole year and the festival schedule for gift preparation. This article will brief you on the festival customs as well as innovative traditional gifts. So that you would not miss any important holidays and you can start preparing gifts for your family, friends,clients and business partners ahead of time. Lets sail through an exceptional new year with strategic plans.


General Holidays For 2024

lGregorian Calendar New Year’s Day

Date: January 1st (Monday)


lChinese New Year Day

Date: February 10th (Saturday)


lSecond Day of the Chinese New Year

Date: February 11th (Sunday)


lThird Day of the Chinese New Year

Date: February 12th (Monday)


lFourth Day of the Chinese New Year

Date: February 13th (Tuesday)


lGood Friday

Date: March 29th (Friday)


lThe Day Following Good Friday

Date: March 30th (Saturday)


lEaster Monday

Date: April 1st (Monday)


lChing Ming Festival

Date: April 4th (Thursday)


lLabor Day

Date: May 1st (Wednesday)


lThe Birthday of the Buddha

Date: May 15th (Wednesday)


lTuen Ng Festival

Date: June 10th (Monday)


lHong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day

Date: July 1st (Monday)


lThe Day Following the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

Date: September 18th (Wednesday)


lNational Day

Date: October 1st (Tuesday)


lChung Yeung Festival

Date: October 11th (Friday)


lChristmas Day

Date: December 25th (Wednesday)


lThe First Weekday After Christmas

Date: December 26th (Thursday)


Festival 2024 and Gift-Preparation Schedule


January 1st, New Year's Day of Gregorian Calendar

The short-break holiday of the New Year should be fully reserved for friends gathering, parent-children bonding activities and relaxing staycation. Here in HK, the Victoria Harbour Fireworks Show, New Year Countdown and Carnival Party bring a joyful start of the new year. Bringing a gift for the host is considered polite manner When you join a dinner invitation at the house. Give Gift Boutique provides a variety of New Year gourmet gift hamper and party gift hampers that include premium food, wine, and other atmosphere tools. We can deliver gifts directly to restaurants, hotels and residence, adding to the excitement of parties.




February 10th, The First Day of the Chinese New Year

The first day of the Chinese New Year is usually the most exciting and busy day of the holiday when people visit their family and children dressed-up to get lucky money.  The day starts with worshiping the Budha and exquisite breakfast at traditional restaurants. As for gifts for elder family, tonic and fruit are preferable. Couples who plan for marriage introduce themselves to both families officially during the CNY holiday, gifts and behavior form the first impression. The Chinese New Year is also considered the most important holiday for Chinese people native and abroad, especially for businessmen. CNY gifts represents attention from business partners as well as blessing of a prosperous new year. Theres no need to emphasize the importance of sending CNY gifts for clients, business partners, and employees. Dried seafood is usually used to increase the value of gifts,and you need to order earlier and seize the holiday, for generally dried seafood market starts vacation around the 28th of the Lunar December.


Taking a tour to the flower market is another important CNY tradition to attract good luck. Along the trip, people buy flowers and mascot of the year to decorate the house. However, selecting the perfect bunch of flower amid the crowd and carrying all the stuff through the flower market has always been a heavy duty. You could make this so much easier by ordering CNY flowers from Give Gift Boutique website, including potted flowers, flowers in a vase, the new year tangerine, orchid and other luxury flower kind. Our florist design, match and arrange the flower decoration, so that you dont have to do any trimming work at home. Even better, our delivery staff delivery and take the gift to your door. You can enjoy the flower market tour without worrying about crushing the anything.

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February 14th, Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day, couples give each other expensive gifts, premium chocolate and fresh flower bouquet to celebrate. Men order expensive large roses imported from South American which are rare variety and arrange for romantic dinner to make their women happy. Receiving surprising gift of love at Valentines Day is such an unforgettable memory.



March 8th, International Women's Day,

International Women's Day recognizes the significant economic and political contributions made by women, as well as their irreplaceable role in the family and of raising children. Although International Women's Day is not a public holiday in Hong Kong, many companies around the world have incorporated International Women's Day as an employee benefit. Celebration and caring gifts are arranged for female staff exclusive at the holiday.


March 31st, Easter  

Easter is set on the first Sunday after the full moon at the spring equinox. It is a Christian holiday commemorating the resurrection of Christ on the third day after his crucifixion. Easter eggs, rabbits and colorful diagonal stripes are symbolic elements of Easter. People hold gathering dinner, play games and make Easter eggs at the holiday. Adults hide chocolate eggs and chocolate rabbit(wrapped in colorful and patterned tin foil)on the lawn for children to discover. Uncle and aunts always prepare Easter gifts for their niece and nephew. Traditional Easter gifts include chocolate eggs and chocolate rabbits, toys and plush rabbit dolls. Children all enjoy themselves on Easter.



April 1st, April Fool's Day

April Fool's Day this year happen to be the same day of a public holiday Easter Monday. Who will let go of such a great opportunity to make fun of his friends. Heres what to do, You will surprise your friend with a funny surprising gift, I think about pop-out tricks and candy in the shape of spiders, so everybody could laugh about it. On April Fool's Day, People make harmless jokes and pranks on each other for fun. Meanwhile people also agree neither to take it serious nor to get angry about it .


April 11th, International Pet Day

International Pet Day was established in 2006 to celebrate the happiness and joy pets bring to city folks, while also reminding pet owners of their responsibility to look after their pets. Hong Kong is an internationally friendly city with extraordinary friendly pet keeping environment. A number of pet friendly shopping malls, parks and restaurants open to pets. Many shopping malls hold games and activities for these furry buddies around the holiday. When you invite your friends and their pet to dinner, trying to rub their little furry face, remember to treat them with pet snacks and toys to gain their affection.


April 18th, International Secretary's Day 

International Secretary Day, also known as Administrative Professional Day. Superiors and bosses take this opportunity to thank their secretaries and helpful administrative staff by providing afternoon tea treat, professional training courses, office gifts and software updates, as well as a working lunch.



May 1st, International Labor Day

Labor Day is the holiday to honor labor. People can take a short break and hang out with friends, go hiking, do gymnastics, go camping to relax. You could make it your tradition to prepare soothing and relaxing gifts for your friends, and help each other reduce stress. 


May 12th, Mother's Day

Mother's Day falls on the second Sunday of May each year, it reminds us to take care our moms and express our love. If work, dating and taking care of the family take up daily life, on Mothers Day, we should spend quality time with our moms and make them happy. You could give her beautiful bouquets, and carnation is the traditional flower representing mothers selfless love. Tonic seafood helps her improve health and wellness. Dad sets a good example for children when he meticulously prepares Mother's Day celebration and selects gifts for the wife with children. It contributes to teaching children the family concept of loving the parents.


May 12th, International Nurses Day

May 12th is also International Nurses Day. Countless patients recovered from Covid-19 under the dedicated treatment and care of medical staff. And a number of elder people spend a happy and healthy later years in the care home thanks to the appropriate and personal care of nurses and healthcare attendants. You could take International Nurses Day to express your gratitude by simply sending a thankful fruit & delicacy hamper.


May 20th, Internet Valentine's Day 

520 is defined as love confession in the song Digital Love by Mavis Fan because of its similar sound of I love you in mandarin. Nowadays in the Internet Era, meeting the other half is very common through online interaction and playing online games,  some couples even work or live in difference cities. To commemorate this brave and romantic move, May 20th was set the Internet Valentine's Day, encouraging people to bravely express their feeling to their crush. Couples order and send romantic gifts through the internet, including the very distinctive 27 bi-color rose bouquets, 14 of which are red roses and 13 are pink roses, symbolizing their only love in a lifetime(the sound of lifetime is similar to 1314) and preserved roses well-protected in a transparent display case, representing shes the one you will always guard. These gifts conforms to the unique and unspoken romance of Internet Valentine's Day. Whether it's a cake of love, a bunch of of hot-red roses, or a love-announcing balloon trying to resist gravity, every sweet moment is worth remembering.



June 1st, International Children's Day

The establishment of International Children's Day aimed at protecting children's rights to survival, for health and education. Nowadays children undertake heavy study assignment, it seems protecting their right to enjoy a happy childhood is equally important. Playing, which is sometimes ignored, can teach children to manage stress and also form a healthy personality. Besides giving gifts of candies, snacks, and toys, take children to entertain and eat Children's Day meals, creating

Happy Childrens Day memory.


June 10th, Dragon Boat Festival|Tuen Ng Festival

As the Dragon Boat Festival approaches, the traditional food Zongzi in various creative style are launched into the market. People always think of their family and friends, so that they share delicious bought or home-made Zongzi with their loved ones. Food connects every phrase of life, so that sending business gifts at Dragon Boat Festival to connect with clients and business partners is very appropriate and natural. Delicious salty or dessert Zongzi, seasonal tropical fruits, berries, honeydew, tea and wine are nicely packaged in a traditional Dragon Boat gift basket, hydrating the summer haze with blessing of good health.


June 16th, Father's Day,

The third Sunday of June every year is Father's Day. It reminds people to spend quality time with father and care for him, meanwhile building and passing on loving family atmosphere. Prepare dad's his favorite wine and tea as a gift, and book his favorite restaurant to celebrate. Its also appropriate to send flowers and gifts to uncles and other caring elder male friends. As for flowers options for Father's Day, orchids, carnations, and Chinese fir bonsai are preferable kinds.



July 30th, International Day of Friendship

In Hong Kong, international social group is common. You could celebrate your sincere friendship regardless of race, skin color, or religious beliefs and send your foreign friends, best colleague and kind-hearted neighbour surprise gifts on International Day of Friendship 



August 10th, Qixi Chinese Valentine's Day

Qixi Chinese Valentine's Day is a romantic traditional festival. We have our own Valentine's Day before the introduction of Western Valentine's Day. Qixi Chinese Valentine's Day celebrates the eternal love of cowboy Niulang and the fairy Zhinv. The older generation used to give their lover gift made by themselves, such as  woven scarves and sweaters, while the young people celebrate it in the Western way. They prepare flowers,chocolate and gifts to each other and arrange romantic dinner.



September 10th, Teacher's Day

The intention of establishing Teacher's Day is to improve the benefit, performance moral ethics and behavior of teachers. And the tradition of preparing gifts for teachers raise students' gratitude and respect toward teachers. On the other hand, receiving more gifts is a positive feedback to the teachers performance and encourages him to continue the great work. Although relevant regulations restrict the amount of gifts a teacher can receive. Gift such pens, thermos cup, fruit and delicacy, practical gifts, or DIY gifts still can deliver thank your to your favorite teacher. Remember to attach a heartfelt gift card and express your affection in words.


September 17th, Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the two main Chinese festivals and widely celebrated at home and abroad. The full moon brings the family together. Traditional customs of Mid-Autumn Festival include playing with lanterns, admiring the moon, sharing seasonal fruits and moon cakes with family, as well as giving gifts with mooncakes to family members and friends. Mid-Autumn Festival is also considered an important timing to send business gift and socialize with customers, suppliers and bond with employees. Creative packaging and innovative style of mooncakes each year add fun and novelty to the giving and eating mooncake tradition.




October 14th Wine Day

If work stops you from celebrating the previous Valentines Day in the right way, make it up to your love one on Wine Day. Wine Day happens in late autumn, the pleasant autumn breeze is set for a romantic dinner at an elegant open-view restaurant with your love.You enjoy the night amid beautiful lights, taste fine wine with delicious food, talk about your love memory and plan for the future and enjoy a world of just two of you without being disturbed. Fine wine, red roses, and chocolate is the perfect way to start a romance date. Couples’ romantic interaction is the secret to preserving love. You are so sure about it, when you meet the right person, everyday deserves to be celebrated.


October 24th, Programmer's Day

The reason why 24 Oct is set as Programmers Day is very interesting. 1024 is the tenth power of 2 and one of the basic measurement unit for binary counting. Programmers, like 1024, quietly build the core functional modules of the technological world. Programmers not only run through company operations, data collection, network maintenance and business function development, but also bring us surprising convenience of daily life, such as the highly-connected social network, online shopping platform, entertainment, and AI services. Some IT companies offer refreshing and energy boosting gifts for programmers on the holiday, for their famous overtime working hours and dedicated work and encourage them to punch out on time that day.


October 31st, Halloween

Legend says that the soul of dead returns and visit his family and friends on Halloween. Gradually, Halloween has developed into a holiday to seek fun and eerie excitement. Children in Western countries make pumpkin lanterns, dress up in costumes and ask for candies door to door on the street. If they dont get candies, they may play pranks to the house, this is the tradition of trick or treat. Adults elaborately set their houses and gardens with terrifying decorations to welcome tourists. In HK, Amusement parks, shopping malls, brands, and shops hold exciting Halloween parties, with everywhere decorated by spider, pumpkins, funny skeleton, ghosts, etc. Adults and children mingle and have fun. Halloween-themed desserts, candies, meal sets and Halloween limited edition skincare products with quirky designs are particularly popular. When you find a fun Halloween-theme stuff, you could always share the joy with friends.



November 28th, Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a Christian holiday originating from North America, established

for thanking the harvest of the past year. Thanksgiving is suitable for giving thank-you gifts to colleagues, neighbors, property management staff, and those who have provided help and guidance in the past year. According to Thanksgiving tradition, North Americans from all over country gather with their family, they cook a feast as well as the iconic turkey. North Americans usually choose premium food hamper containing ham, cheese, caviar, and wine as gifts when they visit their family and friends on Thanksgiving.


November 1st, Diwali

Besides India, many countries around the world celebrate Diwali, such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Nepal. Diwali is often mistaken for Indian New Year due to its greater importance than other festivals. Diwali usually occurs between mid October and mid November, lasting for five days, with different ceremonies held each day. Giving each other oil lamps and traditional Indian sweet cakes during the Diwali is a tradition of Diwali, which means wishing for a bright future and welcoming wealth.



December 21st Winter Solstice

Upon arrival of the winter solstice, the sun is situated right above the Tropic of Capricorn and the northern hemisphere enters winter since then. In some cities of the Greater Bay Area and in some northern cities of China, there is a tradition as Winter Solstice is as important as the Lunar New year. Companies usually ends work day an hour earlier than usual as an employee benefit. People celebrate the winter solstice by having dinner with their families and eating dumplings. For those who work in HK and cannot return home for dinner, delicious and nourishing Hong Kong style stew soup could really warm and cheer them up.



December 25th, Christmas Day 

Everyone would agree that Christmas is the most exciting Western Festival. Shopping malls, office buildings and restaurants are all adorned with colorful balls, Christmas trees, lights, reindeer and Santa Clause. Brands elaborately design joyful Christmas packaging, while restaurants offer Christmas-themed set meal and drinks. People start preparing for gift before Christmas, everyone looks forward to shopping for Christmas decoration and the gift exchange and Christmas party. Sending Christmas means a lot to Hong Kong companies. HR and administration departments of the company began preparing for Christmas business gifts and employee celebrations at least half a month before Christmas. An Its about time to make the CNY marketing calendar and brochures.


Knowing the public holidays and gift giving schedule of 2024, you can prepare ahead of time and you wont regret missing any important recipients. By subscribing to Give Gift Boutique Festival Reminder Newsletter service, you can receive reminding information through email or whatsapp a few days before the important holidays. Our holiday gifts selection updates every year for surprising gift experience, with a variety of gourmet gift hamper, exquisite bouquets, decorations, and romantic gifts, available delivery to schools, institutions, office buildings, hotels, restaurants and residences in all 18 districts of Hong Kong, including Same-day delivery available for certain gifts. A loving family, caring friend and responsive employee like you, will absolutely thrive in the new year of Dragon.

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