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Flower Introduction: Everything You Need to Know  About The Hong Kong Sunflower (Gerbera)

Flower Introduction: Everything You Need to Know About The Hong Kong Sunflower (Gerbera)

posted: 2023-12-07 14:00:00 +0800

“The sun hanging in the eastern sky like a big red flower”, We are all familiar with the nursery rhyme "Little Sun" which connects the Hongkong sunflower to the endless animating force as sunrise and sunset alternates. The Hongkong sunflower symbolizes courage, with its face always up towards the sun, it is filled with optimism and sense of joy. The Hongkong sunflower has so many colors and light scent, it is suitable to display indoor or on the office desk, beneficial for lifting positive energy and mood. As the world's fourth most frequently used cut flowers, HK sunflower suits for various festive occasions. Give Gift Boutique brings Hong Kong Sunflower and will introduces everything you need to know about it


Difference Between Hongkong Sunflower and Sunflower?

HongKong Sunflower, named for its appearance resembling the sun. Hongkong sunflower and sunflower look very similar, with the confusing English names, many people mistake Hongkong sunflower for sunflower, and even some flower shops make mistakes. If we take a close look, we can find the obvious difference between these two flowers. Firstly, they are different flower types. The Hong kong sunflower, whose botanical name is Gerbera, is a herbaceous plant in the Asteraceae family and a close relative to daisy. Secondly, flower core size difference. Sunflower is a large flower that can grow up to three meters, it has large corollas with a large flower core at the size of a cup opening or a bowl opening. The corolla of a Hongkong sunflower (Gerbera) is smaller and the flower core is usually as big as a a coat button or plastic bottle cap. Sunflowers seeds while Gerbera dont. Gerbera has far more colors than sunflowers.



The Growth Habits of Gerbera

Gerbera originated from Transvaal, southern Africa, they prefer sunny and warm condition with good ventilation, not resistant to either cold or heat and vulnerable to water logging, they also require for good soil drainage, they can bloom year-round in suitable environments. Gerbera experienced multiple hybridization adjustments to present the current stretched petals, stronger branches and rich colors. They   bloom up to three times a year in Hong Kong, even during the chilling Chinese New Year. To maintain Gerbera, sunlight should be strengthen in winter and direct sunlight time should be controlled in summer with enhanced ventilation.


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The Tradition of Gebera and Bridal Bouquet

Gerbera is also named holding-husband flowers, often used to arrange bridal flowers, to decorate wedding venues and wedding rooms, blessing the newly-weds with loving and supportive marriage. There is a tale behind this tradition, which took place in the southern Africa country Madagascar in the early 20th century. Madagascar is rich in flowers and Gerbera is not stunning among which. The Malagasy preferred colorful and deluxe varieties. A young woman named Sloane was particularly fond of Gerbera since she was a little child, admiring its slightly curved branches and its humble bowing gesture. When she got married, she insisted on decorating the wedding hall with small Gerbera, which was not common at that time. Sloanes wedding was grand, the groom soon got drunk from treating the guests. Sloane held his arm to support him with her head slightly bowing and body leaned forward. The guests joked that it looked just like Gerbera. Since then, the sunflower was considered symbol of happy marriage.



History of Gerbera

In 1889, Robert Jameson, a plant lover and owner of a gold mine, was mining gold in the Barberton area of South Africa when he accidentally discovered these beautiful  small flowers around the gold mine. He collected some samples and sent to the arboretum for further test. Botanist confirmed the discovery of a new variety and the cultivation and planting of Gerbera began. After World War II, many flower farms developed, a large number of Gerbera cut flowers grown in greenhouse were supplied to the market. In the 1970s, Gerbera became one of the world's famous flowers. In the 1990s, Gerbera became the third largest used household cut flower in the United States.


The Meaning of Gerbera and Whom to Send

Gerbera gives impression of proactive, optimistic and noble, suitable to send as a gift  to both men and women, to family members, friends, colleagues, partners, and as Father's Day gifts. It can express gratitude, blessing, appreciation, goodwill, encouragement, or apology. The symbolism of Gerbera includes:

Remain optimistic and happy always

Perseverance, fearlessness, and courage to pursuit your dream

Loving and supportive lover

Thriving and brisk business

A promising future filled with excitement


Suitable Application of Gerbera

If you often buy flowers or send others flowers, I bet you would be familiar with Gerbera. Gerbera, roses, carnations, and orchids are the four major cut flowers variety in the flower market. Gerbera is widely used in floral artworks to brighten tones, increase variety richness and create color shadings, for it has bright and saturated colors and moderate size. The common colors are various shades of red and yellow, orange and white, some special variety have stripes, spots and gradually changing shades. Gerbera perfectly applies to banquets, business occasions, and joyful events, its flower artworks include concert congratulation flower basket, opening ceremony flower basket, house warming bouquets, bridal bouquet, promotion celebration bouquets, commencement ceremony bouquets, home decoration vase flowers, greeting flower arrangement in shopping malls and reception, decoration with fruit basket and gifts and Chinese New Year flower display.     



Varieties of Gerbera

Most Gerbera on the market is the Beauty. There are several Gerbera named after their colors, such as light yellow Gerbera and cinnabar Gerbera and etc.,, and also some rare varieties:

White Palace, Yellow Palace and Pink Palace Gerbera:

The pedals stacks and make magnificent 3D structure as a pavilions, with beautiful flower shape.

Colorful Lemon Gerbera

Milky white or light yellow as the base color, unstable pigmentation will be influenced by light and environment to produce different lining, stripes, and spots on the petals. Flowers in the same pot may present seven colors.

Flame Gerbera:

The petals present color difference as the inner and outer zone of a flame. The inner part of the petals are usually light orange-yellow, and the closer to the edge, the brighter and thicker red the petal shows.

Dyed Gerbera:

The petals show natural dyeing lines.


The Positive Effect of Gerbera to the Environment

*Research has found that colorful flowers have a calming effect, can evoke positive psychological suggestion and life emotions.

*The light scent does not cause dizziness, suitable to place in small room and on office desk

*Gerbera helps absorb formaldehyde and benzene pollution from the air, making them a meaningful and practical gift for new home owner.

*Sunflowers can enhance positive energy and help attracts popularity


Selection and Maintenance of Fresh Cut Gerbera

Gerbera cut flowers are easy to keep and last a longer time if taken good care of. When you select cut flowers, of course you will check the freshness and look of the corolla, it is also important to choose flower with thicker and shorter branches which provides greater support to the connection neck. Gerbera sucks water with the red roots at the bottom of the stem, while the rest of the branches is hollow. Remember not to cut it off when you adjust the flower length. Its better to keep Gerbera in a tall vase, ideally tall as the flower corolla to avoid the weighing down or bending. Replace the water when it becomes turbid. Only fill water to 5cm over the red root and keep the hollow branch from soaking to avoid decay. Also dont spray water on the flower corolla.       



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This is a Hong Kong GGB original 'Flower Introduction: Everything You Need to Know About The Hong Kong Sunflower (Gerbera)' blogpost.
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