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GGB ESG Green Christmas Proposal:Choose ESG Xmas Corporate Gifts and Support Sustainable Society Development

GGB ESG Green Christmas Proposal:Choose ESG Xmas Corporate Gifts and Support Sustainable Society Development

posted: 2023-12-19 00:00:00 +0800

ESG stands for Environment, Social, and Governance. Frequent occurrence of natural disasters, rising sea levels and species extinction are caused by global climate change and pollution. The post-pandemic economic development will pay more attention to synergy of revenue and sustainable development. ESG assessment is not only an important indicator for measuring the social benefits of enterprises, but also a new potential revenue growth. GGB ESG Green Christmas proposal will practice ESG with our expertise and infuse corporate Christmas gifts with ESG Easy lifestyle concept.


Publicize for ESG With our Resources and Expertise

GGB serves over 10000 companies and individual customers every year, including many renowned enterprises and celebrities. Recipients like our gifts and share them online, our platform itself drags in a huge amount of web traffic. A thought of ESG inspired us, we can not only practice ESG ourselves, but also bring web traffic to social enterprises who provides social welfare with our expertise. Christmas seems the right start, while people follow the holiday tradition and send business gifts or private gift, they spontaneously participate in ESG action. To our pleasure, our ESG Christmas gift basket has been reported by mainstream media and numerous digital media since its launch in 2022, and our work is recognized and supported by the FHKB.


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GGB ESG Christmas Gift: We Choose ESG and We Practice ESG

A persuasive advocate should be a doer of responsibility. Our Christmas selections strives to convey pleasure and sincere holiday regards to the recipient. As a result, senders trust and choose our service and recipient rest assured to enjoy our gifts. We are willing to choose these social enterprises by selecting high-quality products and adding to our Christmas gifts. Before that we go through strict inspection and supervision at every level. At the mean time, we also cooperate with some social enterprises by assisting them to improve product packaging, introducing higher industry safety and technical standards and sharing marketing strategy to help them boost sales. This ESG Xmas gift series allow customers to enjoy GGB consistent premium taste with ESG imprint.


ESG Business Gifts for Christmas Highlighting Social Benefit

GGB ESG business gifts for Christmas highlight social welfare such as fair trade, environmentally friendly materials, products of up-cycled materials, local production protection, organic & health and employment for special groups. Gift categories cover dessert & pastry, health food, body care, leisure, eco-friendly packaging/container/tubes, spices, etc.

Xmas ESG Hamper E03 The gift basket contains 11 ESG Christmas gifts:

*Lexngo Silicone Collapsible Passion Box [ E Environment: Lexngo, recycled coffee ground used products ]

*Lexngo Silicone Collapsible Passion Cup & Lid [ E Environment: Lexngo, recycled coffee ground used products ]

*Coffee NEXT in Coffee Scrubbing Soap [ E Environment: CoffeeNEXT, coffee grounds upcycling products ]

*French Press Tea Pot

*iBakery Cookies Box / Angelchild Gift Box [ S Social: iBakery, train and hire people with disabilities, ]

*Marks & Spencer Teabags Gift Box (50psc)/Teabags Gift Box (80psc) [ S Social: Fairtrade ]

*Marks & Spencer Classic Ground Coffee [ S Social: Fairtrade ]

*FairTaste Fair Trade Organic Coffee Ground[ S Social: Fairtaste, organically/naturally grown and locally made Fair Trade product ]

*Fairtrade GREEN & BLACK'S Organic Dark Chocolate Bar / Imported Organic Chocolate Bar

*Spanish Finca La Rosala Nuts / European Premium Nuts

*Marks & Spencer healthy cereal bars / Premium european import biscuit

*Xmas Doll x 1

*Gift Wrapping with decorated Xmas Ribbon x1

*Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Paper Gift Box[ E Environment: FSC-certified materials ]


Green Packaging & Protector for ESG Business Christmas Gifts

GGB ESG business hampers for Christmas strictly adopt environmentally friendly materials for packaging and protection, including CE certified BOPP degradable film that can be completely oxidized and biodegraded, eco-friendly kraft paper, FSC certified paper, baskets woven with natural rattan and recycled material based PU leather hamper. Traditional protective materials are with paper cardboard, corrugated paper, and composite honeycomb cardboard. By selecting biodegradable, recyclable, and reusable products and packaging materials, we promote the concept of environmentally friendly lifestyle and inspire others to work together and protect our planet.

Xmas ESG Social Enterprise Hamper E08 

Attractive packaging design, exquisite gift combinations and innovative Christmas decorations and patterns can increase popularity and festive atmosphere. Seven nice food are selected in this ESG gift hamper with other gifts for leisure and body care. These selections highlight fair trade, desserts made by special workers, and reuse of recycled materials. You may notice the cover of Angelchild handmade cookies box prints a graffiti of a child's diary, the a blank circle separation leads us to their colorful mind with blooming flowers behind the silence. Hello Cocoa's chocolate gift box adds various natural dried fruits slices in the chocolate to enhance the taste. The center jigsaw puzzle chocolate encourages everyone to make his contribution to the society. Coffee NEXT handmade scrubbing soap is made of locally recycled coffee grounds, diffusing natural coffee scent. The brown color and coffee bean shape with exquisite embossing provide a sense of luxury, making it a very attractive gift. By sending ESG Christmas hamper to your clients you can acquire these benefits: Support society development and help people with your smart choice, promotes high-quality products from social enterprise and support their business, helps establish responsible company image.


Warm Christmas Gifts Selected Meticulously with Care

Our product team carries on thorough research regarding selection of a new item. For example, we will consider whether the new item is practical and convenient, whether it conforms to user habits. Especially when it comes to food related item, we search through safety standards and cautiously decide the items that we are willing to let our family use. Our pursuit of quality has made our service the first choice of Corporate Christmas gifts for many companies and sincere recommendation of a friend. Good service speaks for itself and spreads, its the good marketing effect you can get without spending much money on it.

Xmas ESG Hamper E13

This ESG Christmas gift hamper consists of ten daily necessities and food that support employment of people with disabilities, fair trade, organic & health, and environmentally-friendly materials. Design wisdom integrates environment protection and convenience. Take Lexngo collapsible water bottle and container as an example, they are made with FDA approved food-grade silicone, free of bisphenol A and environmentally friendly. They can safely contain hot food and beverage and can be conveniently thrown in a dishwasher. You take them when you go hiking or dine out, as they not only save space but also can avoid wasting food and avoid using plastic bottle or take-out box.


ESG Easy Lifestyle in Every Aspect

People prefer to choose high-quality products, and meanwhile products subtly influence how people think and and live. As a result, people become accustomed to prioritizing health, eco friendly and durable option, safety and fantastic user experience.

Xmas ESG Social Enterprise Xmas Gift Hamper E10

Our ESG social enterprise Christmas hamper design attempts to introduce ESG easy lifestyle by quality presentation and encourage our customers to choose ESG in daily lives. Citizens can invest in green bond and support the green industry they concerns , they can also enjoy the convenient and comfortable experience brought by high-quality ESG products and support society development. When people use silicone safe drinking tubes and share with others, use product from socially responsible brands and enjoy wonderful snacks made by special worker, they will be reminded of an ESG option and the traditional social values.


GGB believes that ESG is the right thing to do, when you establish a practical business model that combines social benefits and revenue. More and more people with similar value will join and expand the business. Gift design and selection lies our specialties, through which we hope to encourage our customers and recipients who care about the society to participate in the ESG action, fueling sustainable power to the sustainable development of society. We will hold hands and work together to continue the legend of Lion Rock.

This is a Hong Kong GGB original 'GGB ESG Green Christmas Proposal:Choose ESG Xmas Corporate Gifts and Support Sustainable Society Development' blogpost.
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