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Chinese New Year Gift Guide:Provinces, Cities of the Greater Bay Area in China and Gift Culture

Chinese New Year Gift Guide:Provinces, Cities of the Greater Bay Area in China and Gift Culture

posted: 2024-02-04 12:20:00 +0800

Giving gifts is a common tradition of celebrating the Chinese New Year across China. Gifts which carry care and blessing bring sincere holiday regards to recipients such as your dear family, friends, clients and colleagues, sharing classic delicious food and joy of the festival. Each province and city in the Greater Bay Area in China has their unique gift culture for the lunar new year. By understanding the cultural background and new year celebration customs of the recipients, you can get the perfect gift that they actually like and that follows their tradition.


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Exploring the Gift Culture in different Chinese Provinces for the Chinese New Year

Based on geographic conditions, economic connections, ethnic group distribution, historical traditions, customs and other factors, the provinces of China are divided into six regions: Including the Northeast, North China, East China, South Central China, Southwest and Northwest. In this article, we will learn about the unique culture, eating habits and gift-giving customs of different provinces in each region, along with gift inspiration. To send sincere holiday blessings for the New Year easier and conveniently, you could order Give Gift Boutique distinctive New Year hampers which can arrive in the 18 region of Hongkong , cities in the Greater Bay Area, and different provinces in mainland China.


The Northern Part of China


In the three provinces Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning of the Northeast, the exciting Lunar New Year celebrations start on New Year's Eve. On that day, everyone puts on new clothes, worship the ancestors by lighting candles and then hold an abundant family dinner. Traditional foods of the feast include stewed meat pot, pork-skin jelly and sauced vegetables. Drinking a little wine fends off the coldness. The Northeast is the origin of the Manchu minority, one of their new year celebration is making the soft flour cake called Sachima made from fine flour, eggs, sugar, sesame seeds, and kernels. Later, Sachima was introduced to Hong Kong and has become a classic dim-sum dish in the tea restaurants. During CNY in the Northeast, people prepare gifts such as dried fruits, biscuits, canned food and the native red sausages for friends and relatives.

Gift Inspiration: Hong Kong-style cured bacon and sausage, braised abalone pack, walnuts, organic dried fruits and Sachima. People in the Northeast prefer salty and fresh taste, Hong Kong-style cured sausages and refined braised abalone pack are excellent choice to present Hongkong taste to recipients and their family. Additionally, you could make the gift more traditional by combining a gift basket with kernels, organic dried fruits and the Sachima dessert.


North China

In the North China region, Beijing and Tianjin continues many customs and old rituals. For example, People from Beijing always prepare an assorted cake box and the new year cake in the shape of a carp representing a sweet new year and abundant resources accumulation for the year. When the New Year comes, seafood harvests in Tianjin, people carefully select vigorous silverfish and purple crabs for the family they visit, symbolizing blessing for vitality like the dragon and tiger. Common New Year gifts of Tianjin also include fresh flowers which bring wealth and various kinds of auspicious fruits. The internationally renowned Fen Liquor is a specialty of Apricot Blossom Village in Shanxi province where Fen Liquor is considered a precious gift for relatives and friends especially by the elders during the New Year. The"eight piece" pastry is another traditional gift, which consist of eight types of pastries, such as the sesame pie, date cake, bean-paste pie and crispy pastry roll, made from refined flour, white sugar, lard, honey and various kernels, carrying wishes of good luck and festivity. In Mongolia, beef, lamb, songs and dances are ever-present themes of the new year celebration. When visiting relatives, people always bring dried meat, dairy products, canned porridge with beans and kernels, alcohol and tea as a gift.

Gift Inspiration: Italian premium truffle sauce and Hong Kong XO seafood sauce. People in the North China are accustomed to having food made from flour as the staple food. In Beijing and Tianjin, the tradition of eating tossed noodles on the second morning of the New Year symbolizes a successful year starting with untangling the noodles. According to the tradition of Shanxi province, people eat buckwheat noodles, steamed buns, and dumplings on the fifth day of the New Year. We would recommend two sauces that perfectly go well with the staple food, which are the Italian premium truffle sauce made of precious truffles, olive oil, and spices and the distinctive Hong Kong-style XO seafood sauce which combines luxurious ingredients such as dried scallops, dried shrimp and ham and is seasoned with minced garlic, dried shallots, fresh red chilis, chili powder, rice wine, and pure rapeseed oil. These two sauces are savory with salty and fresh base taste, hints of sweet and strong fragrance, catering to the tastes of people in North China. Additionally, the two sauces are rich in oils, they can be used for blending noodles, as dipping sauces, to serve as toppings, to cook stir-frying meats and seafood, as well as improving the appearance of dishes, taking the deliciousness of seafood and meat to the next level.



People from Shaanxi and Gansu province have a amazingly high tolerance for alcohol. During the Chinese New Year, they bring fried meat and salty snacks with them when visiting relatives, the party enjoy drinking and gathering together. The time of the Spring Festival in Xinjiang is different from that of the Han ethnic group. It happens around the spring equinox which is approximately March 20th each year. When the surroundings is still covered in snow, people from the wealthy and respected family in the village cultivate a pot of green seedlings from wheat grains and passed them on to another family representing to pass on blessing. Qinghai is located in a high-altitude region with a cold climate. Local people brew and drink tonic wine to drive away the cold and protect health. Chinese herbal supplements such as Angelica sinensis, Astragalus membranaceus, Cordyceps sinensis, and deer antler slice are precious New Year gifts among the native.

Gift Inspiration: ginseng, cordyceps essence capsule, donkey-hide gelatin candy with walnut, dates and wine, baked almond and pistachio, egg roll


The Southern Part of China

South Central China

An interesting custom is passed down in the Xin County of Henan Province which is located in the Central China. During the Lunar New Year, when the younger people visits the elder family, they include a pack of white sugar in the gift, yet they dont do this when they give gifts to their peer. The customs gradually developed, and the peony pastries, fried sweet pastry and preserved fruit have become must-have choice along with other CNY gifts such as the Maojian tea and noodle gift box which symbolizes abundant food always. Sausage, roasted duck, amber walnuts, red melon seeds and spicy fish jerky make the traditional new year shopping list of Hunan people. In Hubei province, people must drink chicken soup for their first meal of the Spring Festival, symbolizing "happy life and safety, while chicken wings are preserved for young people, wishing them promising future and great development. There is traditional dessert "white snow jujube"in Hubei province to celebrate the new year, which is made from sweet date sugar and sugar frosting, to add sweetness and excitement to the New Year.

Gift Inspiration: ginseng chicken soup, amber walnuts, butter cookies, candy gift box


In Guangdong Province, Guangxi Province, and Hainan Province, where the weather is pleasantly warm and abundant fruits grow, it is traditional and common to give fruit gifts upon visits. Other common New Year's gifts in these province also include health supplements, assorted biscuits gift box, cookies, wine, tea, nuts. Besides, crunchy deep-fried foods such as sesame thins, fried puffy ball, sauced fritters are particularly popular. Nowadays, young people add imported delicacy in the gifts. There are also some taboos for the new year that should not be touched. For example, the sounds of clocks, umbrellas and fans in Cantonese also indicate unlucky meaning, so absolutely dont choose these gifts.

Gift Inspiration: Fruit gift hamper, imported cookies and biscuits, Pu'er tea pad,  white radish new years cake, red wine and coffee


East China

People in Zhejiang Province usually prepare tea, native specialty pastries, and health supplements as New Years Gift. Hangzhou city in Zhejiang province is the capital of silk, silk products are popular and premium gifts for family and important clients.

On New Year's Eve, people in Jiangsu province and Shanghai get busy with preparing  the big reunion dinner. The taste of Su-style cuisine is similar to native Shanghai cuisine, both have delicate and sweet taste, are cooked with strictly manipulated heat and fresh ingredient, preserving the essence and taste of each ingredient. The taste belongs to southern sweet taste. While the classic delicacies of the reunion dinner such as sweetened lotus with glutinous rice and osmanthus, sauced and cured duck and meat will take up to cook. Nowadays, few families make them at home and instead purchase the cooked cuisine at the restaurants. Guests buy these traditional cooked food as a gift when they join the dinner with other local specialty cakes and Dim sum, such as osmanthus sweet cakes, rose cakes, muffins, honey cakes, wine cakes, cakes with meat. Dried seafood is often used to enhance the taste and preciousness of reunion dinner stewed dishes in the Jiangsu, Zhejiang province and Shanghai. Precious ingredients such as abalone, ginseng, fish fin and fish maw usually delight the recipient.

Gift Inspiration: Jar stewed birds nest with rock sugar, Kee Wah traditional pear biscuits, new year cake gift box, sesame crispy thins, organic honey, amber walnut. People in Jiangsu, Zhejiang province and Shanghai prefer original taste of fresh food, their eating habit is similar to that of Hong Kong people. Making desserts has a long history in these regions and Jiangsu province also prevails the tea&dimsum restaurant culture. I believe distinctive Hong Kong style desserts and sweet soup will earn their affection.


Fujian Province is the famous tea capital in China, it is rich in seafood resources. Seafood is a popular gift and dish during the Chinese New Year. In Shandong Province, which is also located on the eastern coast, it is common to give seafood as a New Year gift. Local people also prepare premium seafood gift boxes for business gifts. Anhui is famous for producing white wine, the elders especially like to drink white wine, and it is a must-have liquor for New Year gathering meals. People in Jiangxi Province will not miss ham on the New Years eve dinner, for ham has a rich flavor and can preserve for a long time, making it a classic New Year gift. Lotus root floss candy, tea cakes, and jujube cakes are traditional gifts for the new year.

Gift Inspiration: Dried scallop, sea cucumber and mushroom gift box, ham platter, white wine, tea gift box, dragon beard candy



Southwest region includes Guizhou Province, Yunnan Province and Xizang Autonomous Region on the plateau, and Sichuan Province and Chongqing in the basin. Yunnan Province grows a large quantity of various mushrooms in the woods. Searching for rare wild mushrooms to make the possibly poisonous and delicious chicken pot feast and enjoy it with the family is an interesting new year celebration in Yunnan province. The Er pad made of steamed rice is an traditional food in Yunnan province. During the spring festival, people make Er pad, eat it and share it with the family and friends. MOUTAI white wine produced in Moutai Town of Guizhou province is a internationally renowned and valuable gift, it has become a symbol of wealth. The Xizang Autonomous Region has extreme climate suitable for cordyceps sinensis, nostoc flagelliforme, saffron and snow lotus to grow. These nourishing herbs have proven effects on restoring health for people after surgery and labor, they are rare and expensive gifts. To celebrate the New Year, Tibetans usually prepare for family and friends dried and spiced yak meat, butter, milk crumbs, red dates, biscuits, candies and etc. You should be carefully aware that fish, shrimp, seafood, horse, donkey, and dog meat are strictly prohibited in local culture. In Chongqing, people never visit empty handed during the New Year holiday. Several days before the new year, they start preparing gifts and make the assortment gift package. To make the assortment gift package, various gifts such as cured meat, sausages, fried melon seeds, candies, and pastries are wrapped in a kraft paper. While in Sichuan province, cured meat, sauced and air-dried duck and cured rabbits are traditional and delicious New Year gifts. As we know, Sichuan is famous for its spicy food, you will be surprise Sichuan cuisine seasoning and ingredients to cook spicy hot pot are also popular New Year gifts .

Gift Inspiration: botanical liquor, cured king sausage with dried scallop floss, abalone braised with XO sauce, assorted kernels, walnut puff, glossy ganoderma essence capsule


Gift Culture and Cities in the Greater Bay Area

With the increasing interaction of economy, employment, education and cultural exchanges in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, trade and social network connect each city in the area. During the Chinese new year, sending gifts to friends and clients is the yearly tradition and important etiquette. Here we will introduce the traditional new year celebration customs and and gift culture in each city of the Greater Bay Area to help you select a more suitable and unique New Year gifts for recipient from these regions.


Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou and Foshan with similar Cantonese Culture

The Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Region, Guangzhou and Foshan use Cantonese as the main language and share similar living habits and traditional culture. When preparing gifts for the new year, people focus on the auspicious indication and joyful atmosphere. Common New Year gifts include fruits with good wishes, New Year potted citrus, flower arrangement, new years cakes, cookies, wine, and the fusion pot, as well as health supplements for the elders, often packaged with red and gold bags. The Lunar New Year is the most important traditional festival in China, valuable dried seafood such as abalone, sea cucumber, fish maw and fish fin are selected as gift for important recipients and clients. Influenced by western culture and depending on the developed port trading, people in Hong Kong and Macao prefer red wine and Champagne compared with traditional white wine , and there are more imported options to celebrate the new year. According to the tradition, exquisite hamper, box and holiday decoration are commonly applied to the packaging, combining all kinds of food, gifts and fine wines, to make the gift giving activity elegant and decent and add sense of ceremony to the holiday. An old saying goes that eat in Guangzhou while the cooks are from Foshan city, Foshan Fengcheng district is widely recognized for its remarkable cooking technique. In Foshan, people always prepare a pack of specialty LiXiji crunchy when they visit their family and friends, the snack has been approved an intangible cultural heritage in China.

Gift Inspiration: Thick butter cookies, premium vanilla tea, chicken essence, fusion pot, champagne and fruit baskets


Huizhou and Dongguan City Trace Back to Hakka Origin

Huizhou is one of the four major hometown of Hakka people, while the residents in Dongguan are majorly from Hakka too. In the tradition of Hakka, people usually bring stewed hens with wine, orange cakes, candies, rice cake and a traditional home-made dessert called fa guo upon new year visit. Fa guo is a pastry made by fermented and steamed rice, symbolizing wealth and progress. The crack on fa guo represents a laughing face. The larger the fa guo expands and the deeper the crack forms indicate a smooth and happy year ahead. Hakka people attach great importance to meaning of the gifts, they meticulously avoid gifts with similar sound of certain negative words such as end, death, loss, death, and misfortune.

Gift Inspiration: New Year cake, rice cake, almond cookies, walnut cookies, apple, orange


Zhongshan, Jiangmen and Zhaoqing City diffuse Charm of Unique Customs

People in Zhongshan city start buying gift for the new year half a month before the festival, traditional gifts include rice ,peanut oil , pumpkin seed, new year cake with ginger juice,sweeten bacon and salty egg yolk. People in Jiangmen city enjoy making Kong fu tea, treating guests with Kong fu tea during the Chinese New Year shows respect and warm welcoming. Premium tea gift set, green olives, sweet orange, apple, tangerine, new year cakes, fried balls, fried dumplings and hand-made fried rice biscuits are traditional new year gifts, while kernels, potato chips,chocolate and cookies are more popular among young people. Zhaoqing's specialty steamed zongzi is not only a traditional food of Dragon Boat Festival but also a classic New Year gift. People in Zhaoqing usually bring two or three zongzi , some people bring tens of zongzi. After the reform and opening up policy, food becomes abundant gradually. Dried shrimp, seafood, premium mushrooms and fruits become common New Year gift.

Gift Inspiration: macadamia, liqueur chocolate, potato chips, digestive oat biscuit, and assorted biscuits gift set


Famous Immigrant city Shenzhen and Zhuhai, portal of SAR

Zhuhai is the portal of Maocao and Shenzhen is the portal of Hongkong, they are also known as the famous "immigrant cities" . People come from all over the country work and settle here, where various culture mingles and influence each other, continuously developing new culture and customs. Health supplements, tonic wine, as well as traditional Cantonese foods such as dried mushrooms, cured sausages and meat,dried seafood and the new year cake are the most popular new year gifts. In recent years, the concept of controlling sugar consumption has come to peoples attention and you could see low sugar and sugar substitute label on classic food to celebrate the new year, such as fried ball with coconut shreds stuffing, new year cakes, and xylitol candies and etc,. While among the younger people, they tend to prepare imported chocolate, snack gift bags, boutique Dim sum and global specialty food, attempting create fun with novel tastes and exquisite packaging. The new manufacturing industry and advanced manufacturing industries account for a significant proportion in Shenzhen's industrial structure, with a number of large enterprises. The unique customized business gift for the new year is another eye-catchy new gift tradition.

Gift Inspiration: Imported cherries, chocolate wine, cordyceps essence capsule, dried sea cucumber and fish maw gift box, and American ginseng tea, the corporate calendar .


If you are looking for a gift that combines the happiness of the New Year with Hong Kong characteristics, our year-of-the-dragon gift hamper is definitely made for you. Our gifts features various popular imported New Year food, classic New Year delicacies, dried premium seafood and supplements, fresh new year flowers arrangement and potted citrus, you can find the most complete gift combination on our website. Our unique Year-of-the-Dragon themed packaging and decorations delivers absolute joyful atmosphere of the New Year. Considerate delivery service cover the 18 districts of Hong Kong, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and different provinces in mainland China. You simply order on line and let our gift  build the bridge that connects the entire nation for you.

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