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Learn and Use Year-of-the-Dragon Greeting Glossary  and Ideas for Gift Card Wordings

Learn and Use Year-of-the-Dragon Greeting Glossary and Ideas for Gift Card Wordings

posted: 2024-01-19 11:20:00 +0800

Consecutive joyful gathering and visiting fill up the Chinese New Year holiday. Its wise to prepare some Year-of-the-Dragon glossary to greet people. Also, you need to send gifts and fill out gift cards. Of course, there are many more phrase you could express thank you when you receive red pockets from your boss and colleagues on the lucky first day of work. In this article, we will introduce some amusing CNY greetings glossary, auspicious Chinese proverbs with dragon and new year wish gift card wordings. Learn and use now and get prepared for the new year conversation.

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Traditional Year-of-the-Dragon Greeting Phrases  

Auspicious Chinese Proverbs with Dragon, Art of Literature

These auspicious Chinese Proverbs with Dragon consist of 4 words, they are easy to remember and say with brisk rhythm, suitable for greeting and expressing thank you when you receive red pockets.

Wishes for Good Health

龍馬精神-May you have the energy of the soaring dragon and running horse

生龍活虎-May you have the vitality as the fierce tiger and dragon

龍精虎猛-May you look sharp like the hunting tiger and soaring dragon  

龍姿鳳彩-May you have the glamour of the divine dragon and phoenix

龍光煥發-May your face glow with beam of the dragon

Wishes for Study and Academic Achievements

龍虎榜門-Make the honor roll and pass the college entrance exam with high grades.

臥虎藏龍-Meet the opportunity to perform ones talent

人中龍鳳-People with extraordinary gifts and capacity

筆走龍蛇-Excellent writing or painting skills

Wishes for Career

鯉躍龍門-In the legend, if a carp makes it to jumping over and across the magic bridge, it turn into a Gold dragon. This proverb is a metaphor for huge promotion in career

蛟龍得水-The dragon meets water, metaphor for that people meet the field where they are extra good at

猛龍過江-The vigorous dragon swims across the deep ocean, metaphor for the ability to tackle challenge.

驤虎視-The sharp vision of the tiger and dragon, metaphor for having big ambition and business acumen.

龍遊天下-The dragon travels around the world and gains respect, metaphor for expanding international business successfully.

龍躍千里-The dragon travels a thousand miles with one leap, metaphor for big promotional opportunity.

龍躍新程-The dragon travels freely in the unlimited sky, metaphor for beginning a whole new chapter.

龍騰虎躍-Metaphor for actions for big success

龍騰四海-Metaphor for outstanding performance in every aspect

Wishes for the Happy Family

龍送吉祥/龍瑞盈門/金龍報喜/祥龍銳氣- The year of dragon brings blessing to your home.

龍鳳呈祥- The dragon and phoenix implies of wealth and good luck, as well as perfect marriage.

乘龍快婿-The successful sons-in-law .  

龍來運轉/龍轉乾坤-Turn the disadvantage to advantage in the year of the dragon

Wishes for Prosperous Business

富貴興龍/龍華富貴/龍年大發-Assured big profit in the year of the dragon

配套成龍-Extraordinary personnel and mature operation system

車水馬龍-Busy production line and delivery


New Year Couplets With Dragon

Wishes for Good Luck





Wishes for Wealth and Career






Wishes for Happiness and Lots of fun in Life





Classic New Year Wish in English

You can express your best wishes with simple and sincere English words. Even for foreigners who have little acquaintance of the rare Chinese characters and Chinese traditional stories, they can still easily understand and naturally respond to you.

*Happy Long year. (Dragon in Chinese sounds similar to long, while in English long means lasting and long time)

*Wishing you a prosperous and blessed year ahead.

*Dance with the Dragon, delight in the New Year.

*2024 is the beginning of a whole new chapter. This is your year, make it happen!


New Year Wishes Message with Sense of Humor

*This is happening as you read. Wish you a good mood every day, prospective career and excellent performance at work and the best love and friendship. May you make big profit in the stock market and every business you dabble.

*Evidence confirmed that you are the one with super Dragon power. You will have the unlimited energy of the vigorous dragon and tiger, you will be adept at everything you do. Good luck always follows you wherever you go. May you wear Rolex, drive Rolls-Royce and live in the Emirates Palace this year. You are the happiest dragon man.

 *Set firecracker and expect an exciting year of the dragon. Wish you the best luck through the year.  May you have great opportunities, maintain good health and in shape, and enjoy all the delicious food around the world.

*I have the "The eight heavenly dragons" blessing for you. The first blessing is a compatible boss, the second blessing is terrified enemies, the third blessing is a caring lover, the the fourth is the help in need, the fifth is a happy family, the sixth is lot of fortune, the seventh is a happy mood always, and the eighth is good health and dynamism.

*Dragon man makes great achievement in the year of the dragon. May the year be filled with good luck and wealth. May you have the most clicking year ever and shine like the sun.


Gift Card New Year Wish Wordings

Gift Card Wordings for Family and Friends

The gift card content should vary by the recipients of the gift. For example, for gifts for the family and friends, you can express wishes on health, wealth, family, marriage of the children, career promotion, grandchildren's growth and study. Mentioning the recipient’s recent experience and the things they expected may give them the exact wishes as they want.

*Happy New Year! Wish my dearest uncle and aunt good health, unlimited energy just like the dragon and lots of wealth in your sweet home. May all the good luck follow you and you will have the perfect successful son-in-law!!

*Good luck and great success in the new year, the dragon’s divinity shines through the spring. Flowers bloom everywhere and wealth keeps coming. You will accumulate big wealth and be safe; Dear aunt, wish you and your family good health and a smooth year.

*Happy long year to my lovely brother and sister-in-law. May the adults enjoy work and climb up the career ladder and the children be intelligent and study hard.

*Eating kumquats brings good luck and gold, eating apples for protection through the year, eating dragon fruit for prosperity and eating kirin fruit to attract wealth. Be good and have fruits everyday. Dear Auntie Sammi, please take care. May you continue walking ten thousand steps a day and win every Mahjong game.

*May my dear uncle have lots of smile on your face and pleasuring delicacy everyday. Good luck in the year of the dragon.

*Congratulation on the new born baby girl, we all look forward to meeting this little princess. Wish you and your family good luck in the Year of the Dragon, may you make lots of money and may everything goes as you wish.

When you write gift cards for your clients and colleagues, remember to keep it professional. Dont mention anything too private. You should also avoid cheesy jokes in case of misunderstanding.

Gift Card Wordings for Clients

It is important to show business etiquette and the necessary boundary. As for the content, you can wish their family well, wish for profit growth, thank them for the support and cooperation and encourage further cooperation. Traditional couplets and proverbs are recommended.








Gift Card Wordings for Colleagues and Boss

Plain words feel sincere to express your gratitude and delivery best wishes to your colleagues and superiors. Again, try to remain professional and avoid mentioning private matters. You may wish them and their family good health and good luck, everything going on well with work. You could also express your thank you for their kind help.







I believe these greeting for the year of dragon will help with a good start of the year. Tips ahead, our Year of the Dragon gift hamper and CNY potted flower and potted Kumquat  collection has released, remember to place an order in advance and send along your best wishes to your family and friends, colleagues and clients.

This is a Hong Kong GGB original 'Learn and Use Year-of-the-Dragon Greeting Glossary and Ideas for Gift Card Wordings ' blogpost.
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