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Tips&Tricks to Prepare Impressive Business Presents for  Mid-Autumn Festival

Tips&Tricks to Prepare Impressive Business Presents for Mid-Autumn Festival

posted: 2023-08-11 12:00:00 +0800

Unlike preparing gifts for your friends and family, preparing business gifts is not so easy and flexible, it is rather a rigorous and complex task. In the perspective of management, business gift represents the company's image and social manners, it is regarded as a commercial activity that only targets success. At this moment, quite a lot of companies are busy with preparing business gifts for Mid-Autumn Festival. If there is an effective formulation which applies to every festival and celebration occasion and thoughtfully attends to the preferences of recipients, for sure whoever in charge or HR staff will feel easier when they prepare gift. Give gift boutique will show you the secrets to preparing impressive business gifts for Mid-Autumn Festival.

General Procedure to Prepare Business Gift for Mid-Autumn Festival

-Decide on the Recipients

The project leader in charge of preparing gifts for Mid-Autumn Festival needs to calculate the number of employees based both in the company and at stores. At the same time, collect delivery information of intended recipients from Sales Department, these recipients may include clients, suppliers and business partners. Organize the recipient information and set a reasonable primary budget, apply for approval from Finance Department.

-Gift Selection

The right gift makes both the sender and recipient happy. Selection of business gifts for Mid Autumn Festival implies the style and taste of a company. Gift photos may spread on the internet, which bring attention to the company and at the meantime send people message of the brand image. For better commercial result, gift selection should vary by recipients. At the preparation phase, it is suggested to study the preferences and basic personal background of the recipient, such as interests, preferences, collections, personality, gender, marital status, childbirth situation, cultural preferences and taboos. These information will help you reasonably allocate the budget and pick gifts highly matched, distinctive, and thoughtful.

-Design and Produce Packaging Materials

Appearance is very important for actual gifts. Clever handling of packaging types, materials, styles, color matches, patterns, festive elements and item display can increase the sense of delicacy and attractiveness of the gift. To make an unique packaging, you could design your own business packaging based on a certain style or theme by selecting or customizing packaging materials, display support packaging, decorations, protective consumables and adhesive material. Packaging materials produced under ESG standards are not only environmentally friendly, but also help build a social responsible image for the company, which could get extra points for the gifts.

-Procurement and Packing Arrangement

Settling the type and quantity of gifts, you need to filter and select qualified suppliers. Don’t forget to bargain for the best price and sign contracts for bulk purchases. The actual purchase quantity should include certain spare supply. Carefully check the quality and appearance of items received and keep them in good condition before use. Organize personnel to pack the gifts at an appropriate time.

-Arrange Delivery of Gifts

Arrange delivery according to time requested by recipients, assist in contacting recipient during delivery. Door-to-door service is more thoughtful and preferable. Employee gifts may involve preparation for Mid Autumn Festival banquets and celebration activities. As you could see, the preparation work for business gift is complex, a heavy workload, sensitive and involving a wide range of aspects, which truly require the comprehensive coordination skill and patience of the staff in charge.

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Useful Tactics for Selecting Appropriate Gifts for Different Recipients

-Use Elaborate Details to Leave an Impression on Your Clients

Too many gifts flood to your clients on every special occasion and festival, you clients know quality gifts. Brand and trendy items, imported boutiques, cutting-edge concepts, and novelty will more likely be noticed. Recipient information research helps to cater to your clients’ preferences and personalize gift selections. As for Mid-autumn festival gifts, mooncakes, fruits, and gourmet baskets are must-haves. You could also add their favorite gifts in the hamper such as fine wine, tea gift set, imported deluxe fruits, and maybe popular decorations and preserve flower boutique to the gift hamper, attempting to gain affection. The high-end client group tends to be detail-oriented, clever design, style, and materials of the packaging is the key to enhancing the uniqueness and texture of gifts. Fragrance soothes and calms mood, you may find the signature fragrance in almost every luxury premise. Adding natural aromas such as chocolate, vanilla, frankincense, fruit, coffee beans, etc. to the gift hamper makes the recipient feel relaxed, adding to the exquisite atmosphere of the gift. If you want to leave a strong impression on your clients, try customizing your exclusive business packaging materials and elaborate you signature brand mark. When recipients enjoy the gift, they can connect to your company. Place a heartfelt gift card in the gift hamper, as well as a brochure for new project or new product release or recent company events, expecting to increase opportunities for cooperation.

-Practical Items Meet Budget and Make Employees Happy

Preparing Mid Autumn Festival gifts for employees is part of the employee benefits, which delivers care from the company and helps maintain a positive relationship. When the company has a large number of employees, here comes the tricky part, you should diversify the gift category as much as possible yet within budget, and try your best to find the gifts most-welcome among employees, maximizing the effectiveness of employee gifts. Besides classic celebration gift selections mooncakes and seasonal fruit, practical gifts such as home exercise equipment, vitamin C chewable and other health supplement and skincare products are popular among employees. These items may not cost much. Differentiate gift budgets based on job levels or adopt lucky draws to distribute gift may lower expense. Joyful atmosphere is also important for festivals, distributing gifts amid the Mid -Autumn Festival games and banquet allows employees to take some time off and enjoy the festival. As for gift packaging, using festive colors and traditional elements will enhance the festival vibe.

-Maintain the Gift Custom, Prepare Gifts for Suppliers and Business

Partners on Holidays and Special Occasions

The Satisfaction and joy brought to recipients makes gifts excel simple act out of polite manners. Just as partners and suppliers have long fulfilled their commitment for full cooperation and reliable supply, the appreciation sent through punctually arriving Mid-Autumn Festival gift is regarded as custom by each other. High quality gifts speaks for sincerity and attention, so that Peninsula mooncake known for its exquisite deliciousness and consistent great quality is an ideal gift for the Mid Autumn Festival. In addition, combine it with a bottle of classic wine and tonic ingredient in the hamper. Continuous communication and regards serves as the bridge to maintain friendship in both business and daily life. To add surprise to your gifts, try packaging with gift baskets or boxes in different shape and styles, and take various category combinations. Popular new flavors of mooncakes may bring extra surprise.

Give Gift Boutique Gift Selections for Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid Autumn Hamper

Mooncakes and seasonal fruits are traditional food to celebrate Mid Autumn Festival. This gift hamper, packaged with man-made leather trapezoidal box with antique wooden pattern, contains 12 deluxe fruits, a box of popular Peninsula egg custard mooncake, accompanied by fine wine for the happy moments. The rich category and ample look, economic price makes it a perfect business gift.

For employees in charge of preparing Mid-Autumn Festival gifts, this periodic temporary task may inevitable encounter unexpected situations such as short of hands, and over budget as it involves aspect of good, logistics and recipient contact. Simple mistake in quality control, packaging, and delivery arrangements may lead to negative consequence. Let Give Gift Boutique handle this gift giving task, for we have served Hong Kong for over ten years and we deeply understand the tradition and manners of gift preparation. Our wide range of gift categories, mature one-stop gift giving procedure and helpful customer service team guarantee that every Mid Autumn Festival blessing is properly sent out , satisfying HR and management.

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