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New Year Countdown Party Spot and Activity Recommendations, Take Party Gifts|Gathering Dinner Gifts|Me-time Gifts and Enjoy A Wonderful Vacation

New Year Countdown Party Spot and Activity Recommendations, Take Party Gifts|Gathering Dinner Gifts|Me-time Gifts and Enjoy A Wonderful Vacation

posted: 2023-12-26 11:00:00 +0800

Hong Kong's exciting and distinctive New Year fully gears up toward a joyful carnival  holiday. The Western new year allows us to count down and greet the arrival of the new year with our beloved partner and important friends. Give Gift Boutique knows the countdown party hotspot and fun activity for the this year, we will also recommend party gifts, gifts for dinner invitation and me-time gift for you. Vacation starts now!


Victoria Harbour Fireworks Show Illuminates a Brilliant New Year

The annual Victoria Harbour fireworks show gets ready at New Year's Eve as usual. According to the tradition, dazzling fireworks are let off from major buildings along the Hong Kong island, illuminating the Victoria Harbour at night. A giant countdown clock appears on the HKCEC building and awaits the exciting moment with audience on site and in front of the TV. If you want to experience the splendid fireworks show closely, you can take the Star Ferry cruise on harbour river and look up.


New Year's Lighting Show at East Tsim Sha Tsui Seaside Path

From now until January 1st, colorful holiday lights decorate the exterior walls of the buildings and overhead on the street of this area. The Light Show goes through Tsim Sha Tsui Center, Empire Center, Mody Road, Wing On Plaza, The Royal Garden, New World Millennium Hong Kong Hotel, Kowloon Shangri La Hotel, Regal Kowloon Hotel Hong Kong and InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong. Besides, Tsim Sha Tsui Centre and the 4000 square meter LED screen of Empire Centre will exhibit the whole-new digital lighting artwork by British visual lighting artist Rupert Newman, titled "In Between the Sky: A Festive Beacon". Its a great place to amuse children and enjoy the night view as well as to take photos for the new year. Bus routes pass by the lighting show area, you can take an open-top bus and enjoy the view in a more relaxed way.


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Join the Countdown Party of Shopping Malls and Hotels, Have Different Fun for Each Year

Shopping malls or hotels countdown parties keeps you fully-scheduled for a whole day. At the same place you can meet friends, have meals, sing karaoke, watch movies, go shopping, and get facials. Even plans for the midnight fun is settled. Join below countdown hotspots for this yea and have some more fun:

*Sha Tin New Town Plaza: New City Plaza is hosting a New Year's Eve countdown party this year, inviting several popular idols to perform, including Jeffrey, Gigi, Kakit, Snoopy and Carson from the group"MATCH", come join the party and welcome the New Year with music stars.

*Harbour City: A food, shopping and entertainment center, it is the best spot to watch the fireworks. This year, Harbour City organize countdown party at the outdoor parking lot of Ocean Terminal and allow citizens to enjoy fireworks there. Just remember to register for tickets online in advance.

*Taikoo Shing: Have you ever spent the New Year eve on ice? Come to Taikoo Shing Ice palace count down party and experience a frozen New Year's Eve. Ice skating helps with digesting big meal anyway. They also invite singers and bands to perform for the party, you will absolutely get excited, thrilled and chilled.

*Sky100: Countdown Party at high with 360 degree open view scenery, you can watch the firework show and enjoy the excitement brought by DJ playing amid the laser lights. Its a great option for a romantic night.

*Eaton HK: Countdown party at Terrible Baby provides DJ live set, as well as performance of local brand and star. The admission ticket comes with a three hours of all-you-can-drink privilege. Great place to continue the fun at night.

*Ocean Park: LGBT fashion countdown party at Ocean Park invites famous singers to perform and offers unlimited drinking. After the a day of trilled entertainment , enjoy a spa in the premium hotel and finally call it a day.

*Disneyland: Greet the New Year with your loved ones in a fantasy world, get immersed in the childish fun, watch the fireworks right above head in the park and countdown with cartoon characters. Lets expect a new year full of surprise and happiness.

*Central and Western District Promenade and Tamar Park are popular gathering places for New Year countdown party in Hong Kong Island, with convenient transportation and lots of shopping malls & trendy restaurants around. You can enjoy partial view of Victoria Harbour and continue the fun at the nearby Lan Kwai Fong pub street after the countdown.


Lead A Different Lifestyle During the New Year Holiday

Running away from the noisy and crowded city center, there are many special options and activities to spend a simple, warm, fulfilling and relaxing new year holiday in Hong Kong. 

Witness the Sunrise of the New Year

Watching the first sunrise of the New Year amid the charming nature could be challenging as well as sense of achievement. Hong Kong is rich in fantastic mountainous and oceanic view, various mountainous path to witness the sunrise suit parent-children bonding activities, jogging and training, hiking beginners and professional mountaineers. For example, mountains with well-maintained pedestrian path such as Lion Rock, mountains near city center such as the Pokfulam Tree Study Trail, Cape D'Aguilar thats flat and easy to walk on, Tai Mo Mountain with the highest peak in Hong Kong and the High Island Geo Trail which has abundant spectacular geographical phenomena.


The conflict puts us on second thought, where we love spending quality time with the family but hate the preparing and cleaning part. In this case, booking a comfortable vacation hotel for staycation with your family can handle catering and room space issue. Whoever is responsible for organizing can actually participate and enjoy a holiday. Staycation is a subtle option to arrange parent-children bonding stay-over for your friends and their family or to spend a me-time vacation. You really get comfortable and relaxing in the holiday.


Stay in the woods for a day or two and enjoy a leisure and slow lifestyle of delicious food, spacious nature, appreciating the sky and stars, having deep conversation, discovering the nature and engaging in life.

Local Village and Seashore Tour

Taste native cuisine in Yuen Long Tai Wai Village and Outlying islands, feel the unique culture and landscape of rural and fishing villages, experience breeze of the sea and in the fields and live a completely different rural lifestyles.


New Year Gift Recommendation

Dinner Invitation Gift A8

Its a usual to bring gifts when joining a dinner invitation. The tricky part is to pick the subtle and suitable gift related to the holiday. Lets say, if you bring seafood or meat, the host will have to do extra kitchen preparation work. Much less to say, you inevitably may take repeated food or excessive food that end up filling up the fridge, causing unnecessary awkwardness. Instead of desperately looking for a suitable gift, taking a New Year's food hamper is easy and appropriate. The host can share the dessert and wine with the guest, they will love such a thoughtful gift. This New Year Gift hamper highlights festival atmosphere of the New Year with golden basket and congratulation cards. Slightly tipsy sparkling wine as well as a series of crispy/chewable and strong-flavored snacks are combined, such as vanilla flavor biscuit curls, Peninsula Hotel walnut cookies, Okinawa Nanpudo fruit pie, Master Wan sugar coated pecan, Spanish ham and etc. You can enjoy food to go with wine while you talk. In addition, David Off fine aroma Café and England M5 tea adventure gift box help with digestion and refresh you up at night. Get ready for the lots of fun with your friend.




Countdown Party and Food and Atmosphere Gift Hamper A1

The Party gift basket is your portable mini bar and atmosphere set, it prepares sparkling wine and 10 one-time wine glasses, so that you can share some liquor anytime, wherever you are in hotels, at glamping sites, or at seaside parks. Convenient party kit, including party decor board, party-theme foil balloons, gold& silver confetti, party napkins and party clapper, make good decoration for photos and heat up the vibe. In this hamper we selected Godiva and Truffle chocolate, Royce potato chips, Marks&Spencer cheese twists, Nairns oat biscuits, UK Ashers whisky cake and other liquor mate food to help you replenish energy quickly and gain warmth. A joyful countdown party is convenient with this party hamper. Even more convenient, Give Gift Boutique can deliver gifts directly to your hotels and restaurant,  the only thing you need to pack for your trip is your good mood.



Luxury HK Peninsula Champagne And Food Gift Hamper for me-time

Nietzsche stayed and waits for his soul, we also could take a me-time vacation to adjust our pace of life. Work, taking care of family and children is used to taking up most of our time and energy everyday. Its healthy to taking some time off during the New Year holiday and just do whatever pleases and relaxes you to obtain spiritual satisfaction. Imagine sitting in front of a wide french window, facing the warm sunlight and pleasant green fields, while enjoying a glass of wine, accompanied by exquisite snacks. You start reading the novel that you didnt have time to start yet ,so focused without being disturbed. You can finally go to the hiking trip with friends and climb across mountains to greet the first sunrise of the New Year. This cozy me-time gift basket combines the signature delicate snacks of peninsula, such as chocolate, butter egg rolls, walnut cookies, dragon beard candy, almond thins, Peninsula premium tea gift set and famous French Brut Imperial champagne. This perfect gift basket completes a me-time vacation and also brings joy to those who deserve a me-time relaxation. The recipient will enjoy this considerate gift and moment of peace. Delivery available directly to hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls in the 18 districts of Hong Kong. You enjoy the carefree holiday and let us take care of the premium quality supplies.


The New Year approaches, whether you choose to spend quality time with your close ones or enjoy a me-time vacation, hope you can a lot of fun and have a wonderful vacation. To order gift for the new year holiday, party gifts, dinner invitation gift, and relaxation gifts, please visit Give Gift Boutique home page. Here you can fine all the fresh fruits, delicacy, fine wine, flowers and birthday gifts you need with delivery to door available through holidays. Celebrate a high-quality and festive New Year holiday with Give Gift Boutique.

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