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Horoscope Reading:What Birthday Gifts to Select Based  on People’s Zodiac Signs?

Horoscope Reading:What Birthday Gifts to Select Based on People’s Zodiac Signs?

posted: 2023-09-11 00:00:00 +0800

Gravity keeps celestial bodies moving in specific orbits and create splendid scenery such as tidal and auroras on Earth. Astrology fans believe that "celestial bodies and their changes in the vast universe  affect our live paths". People with the same zodiac sign may not only share similar personality traits, but also tend to make the same choices. Heres our study on the most attractive birthday gifts for people with the twelve zodiac signs.


Preference Tags and Gift Recommendations by Twelve Zodiac Signs


Birthday: 21 Jan-19 Feb

Personality tags: creative, not good at expressing feelings, freedom,  love new stimulation and surprise, need privacy and space, independence

Preference analysis: air-sign, sea blue, lake blue, light colors, forest-style pattern or scattered small floral patterns

Fictional character with Aquarius sign: Batman, Mulan 

Gift recommended: DSLR cameras, camping stove, creative baking and cooking appliances, new model of mobile or tablets, pet clothes and toys



Birthday: 20 Feb-20 Mar

Personality tags: gentle and considerate, understanding, compassionate and dedicated, fantasy, emotional, idealistic

Preference Analysis: water-sign, turquoise, violet, champagne orange, starry sky pattern

Fictional character with Pisces sign : Tsukishima Shizuku - "WHISPER OF THE HEART", Sanji - "One Piece"

Gift recommended: aromatherapy candle, sparkling wine, preserved flowers bouquet, birthday bear doll, picnic gift basket



Birthday: 21 Mar-20 Apr

Personality tags: straightforward, impulsive, impatient, do not mind small details, decisive, a doer, perseverance, energetic, childlike

Preference Analysis:fire-sign, coral red, ruby red, lemon yellow, sunshine orange, grass green, light khaki

Fictional character with Aries signPhil Dunphy-"Modern Family" Chan kakui - "Police Story"

Gift recommended: digital game devices, skiing equipment, home sport equipment, animated character doll and peripheral products, storm glass bottle, electric toothbrushes


      Kikkerland Storm Glass



Birthday: 21 Apr-21 May

Personality tag: calm and stable, diligent and proactive, stubborn, pursuing quality life and delicious food, extravagant style, patient, finance talent

Preference Analysis: earth-sign, dark green, cyan, off white, gold, dark blue

Fictional character with Taurus sign: Chris Gardner - "The Pursuit of Happyness",  Jon Snow - "Game of Thrones"

Gift recommended: fine wine, brand wallet, luxurious chocolate, caviar, foie gras and other luxury delicacies, jewelry


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Birthday: 22 May-21 Jun

Personality tags: Smart and wise, curious and lively, cheer leader, expression skills, informative, fashionable

Preference Analysis: air-sign, light yellow, navy blue, light purple, daisy yellow, white

Fictional character with Gemini signIron Man, Elle Woods - "Legally Blond"

Gift recommended: Polaroid camera, rainbow making device, bar game set, fashionable earrings and bracelets, fun phone case, smart robot, trendy key chain



Birthday: 22 Jun-23 July

Personality tags: gentle and considerate, tolerant, sentimental, benevolent, strong-willed, eco-friendly lover

Preference analysis: water-sign, light grapefruit color, light pink, matte silver, meteorite pattern, sky blue

Fictional character with Cancer sign: Bo Peep-"Toy Story", Sponge Bob Square Pants

Gift recommendedfragrance diffuser stone, home aroma decoration, body spa set, chocolate/cheese hot pot set, brand tea set and cutlery, exquisite flower bouquet, container made of up-cycled material



Birthday: 24 July-23 Aug

Personality tagsgenerous and enthusiastic, leadership, calm, confident, firm, value reputation and evaluation by other people, aristocratic temperament

Fictional character with Leo sign: Harry Potter-"Harry Potter", Jasmine- "Aladdin"

Preference analysis: fire-sign, bright yellow, burgundy, orange&pomelo , black blue, haze blue

Gift recommended: perfume, brand cosmetics, music box with preserved roses, watch, massage chair, RF anti-aging beauty instrument, game controller



Birthday: 24 Aug-23 Sep

Personality tags: sophisticated, detail-oriented, insightful, worth vs. price, exquisite and complete lifestyle, fascinated of order and neatness

Preference analysis: earth-sign, lotus pink, dark green, brown, egg yellow, and light brown

Fictional character with Virgo sign:Monica Geller - Friends, Chiu Min - "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber"

Gift recommended: health supplements, rose crown tea, premium flavored tea, ink-screen digital memo, artsy night lamp, silk scarves with ink-painting pattern, three-dimensional toy books.



Birthday: 24 Sep-23 Oct

Personality tags: elegant, accessible, perfect personal image,equity advocate, pure-minded, gentle

Preference Analysis: air-sign, morandi color, olive green, pink-tone color

Fictional character with Libra sign: Baak Jingjing-"A Chinese Odyssey", Elsa-"Frozen"

Gift recommended: tulip in a vase, humidifier, fragrance soothing set, skincare products, rosewood massage comb, portable blender cup



Birthday: 24 Oct-22 Nov

Personality tags: bold, realistic, focused, determined, mysterious, resilient and motivated

Fictional character with Scorpio sign: Charlie Brown - "Peanuts", Black Widow - MCU

Preference analysis: Water-sign, dark purple, black, gray, brown, earth tone, dark green, log pattern

Gift recommended: genuine silk shirt, assemblable DIY remote control toy car, photography album, red wine with bottle opener gift box, landscape oil painting artwork



Birthday: 23 Nov-22 Dec

Personality tags: energetic, optimistic, humorous, adventurous, passionate about learning new fields and knowledge and exploring the world

Preference Analysis: fire-sign, emerald, strawberry crystal, Ivory, red brown

Fictional character with Sagittarius sign: Hulk-MCU, Galadriel - "The Lord of the Rings"

Gift recommended: deluxe desserts, trendy sneakers, sculpture decorations, razors, fine tea gift boxes, electric suitcase, camping tent



Birthday: 23 Dec-22 Jan

Personality tags: principled, planer, value family bonding, independent, active and dynamic

Preference analysis: earth-sign, camel, black, peach yellow, ultramarine, fiery cloud, gray

Fictional character with Capricorn sign: Maple Ryukawa - "Slam Dunk Master", Sing Minglaan - "The Story of Ming Laan"

Gift recommended: 3D LEGO puzzle, fish in a tank, amber bead bracelet, 3D printing pen, birthday mug, whiskey


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This is a Hong Kong GGB original 'Horoscope Reading:What Birthday Gifts to Select Based on People’s Zodiac Signs?' blogpost.
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blog written by: # GGB Florist (102)
GGB Florist, Editor

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